Designated a Center for Health Design Pebble Project, Affinity Health System’s new 12,000-sq.-ft. pediatric clinic is one of six family clinic prototypes being developed with Flad & Associates. The design of this facility is repeated at multiple sites in the vicinity to serve Affinity Health System’s expanding patient population. The goal is to create a recognizable building that reflects the quality level of Affinity Health System’s healthcare services and helps patients easily locate community-based clinics.

Two central features share in their role as focal points for each clinic: a large vaulted lobby and an adjacent healing garden. A history wall is incorporated in the lobby and reflects events specific to each region, as well as the history and culture of the institution.

Patient flow and comfort are central to the organization of each clinic. Each facility can be transformed to meet the specific needs of its patients and services. The functional layout supports and eases physical strain on workers, enhances nurse/physician interaction, and allows for clear and efficient wayfinding.

Through the use of sustainable design and green building materials, this facility has focused on creating a LEED-certified, sustainable building capable of supporting the client’s commitment to ongoing improvement of services and quality of healthcare delivery.

Project category: New construction (completed July 2006)

Chief administrator: Gary Kusnierz, Director of Facilities, Affinity Health System, (920) 738-2015

Firm: Flad & Associates, (608) 232-1237

Design team: Fred Peterson, AIA, ACHA, Principal/Project Manager; Jeffrey C. Raasch, Design Principal; Tom Grove, AIA, ACHA, Principal/Medical Planner; Won-kyung Kim, AIA, Project Architect; Jennifer Kauls, Interior Designer

Photography: © Phil Prowse

Total building area (sq. ft.): 12,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $192

Total construction cost (excluding land): $2,300,000