I imagine it would be rather difficult for those in the healthcare design industry to categorize 2010 as one of the better years in history. Marked by healthcare reform dramatics, a still-sluggish economy, and general confusion, 2010 might have seemed to many in the field as a 12-month exercise in running-in-place-waiting for reform to come into focus, waiting for banks to start lending again, waiting for projects to come online again.

But as 2010 fades into the rear view mirror, I am optimistic that 2011 will see at least the beginning of a recovery. Our recent HEALTHCARE DESIGN.10 conference was the best-attended in the show’s history, topping out the previous high-water mark set in 2008, and to my eyes, at least, this signals the beginning of a trend in a positive direction. The previous year’s show, held in November 2009 in Orlando, saw healthy attendance to be sure-especially given the financial climate of the time!-but it was a decline regardless. So now in 2010, not only has attendance bounced back, but it has risen to new, unprecedented levels.

Sure, this is only one show-this isn’t a scientific poll or anything. But the fact that travel budgets at the very least are starting to pick up is a mightily encouraging thing to me. As for the show itself-look for conference highlights in next month’s issue (and our online coverage of the event can still be seen at our Web site, healthcaredesignmagazine.com, as well.)

Looking forward to a great 2011, and I hope you all are, too! Happy Holidays!


In the October 2010 issue of HEALTHCARE DESIGN, in the article “Overseas Observations,” The New Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne is listed as being designed by HKS. The New Royal Children’s Hospital is in fact a Joint Venture between Billard Leece Partnership, Bates Smart, and HKS. HEALTHCARE DESIGN regrets the error.

Healthcare Design 2010 December;10(12):6