Project category: Unbuilt/Conceptual Design Only (July 2014)

Firm: HKS Inc., (214) 969-5599

Design team: Eduardo Egea, AIA, Managing Principal; Jason Schroer, AIA, LEED AP, Design Principal; Rupert H Brown, AIA, Senior Project Designer; Tina Duncan, AIA, Senior Healthcare Planner Dulce Torres, RA, Int. Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, Senior Healthcare Planner; Brian Ahmes, Project Designer

Total building area (sq. ft.): 2,469,566

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $263

Total construction cost (excluding land): $650,000,000

The project consists of the design of a new Hospital City located in Clayton Panama, north of Panama City. This facility will provide outpatient and inpatient care to the Panamanian people and residents within the region. The unique design includes over 1600 beds, an adult hospital, medical offices, a four star hotel and pediatric hospital which are interconnected to take advantage of shared spaces and reduce travel distances for patients, visitors and staff.

The architectural concept for the new medical city draws from the contextual fabric of Panama. The Panama Canal connects two oceans promoting trade and international commerce. Connectivity through planning and design becomes the primary driver for the organization of the new hospital. Natural topography and landscaping is embraced to work in harmony with the built environment. The diverse architecture of Panama City is interpreted with a modern and progressive high performance façade design. Historical tropical vernacular in the region also translates to the use of materials and fundamental design drivers such as open courtyards and shading devices. High performance glazing and operable windows combine with terracotta sunshades to enhance the patient and staff interior environment. Light colored concrete to reflect heat and maximize local trade efficiencies constitutes the primary building skin. Vegetated roofs and extensive outdoor shaded gardens and walkways further promote the experience of patients to explore and view nature during their stay.

Sustainable strategies have been incorporated into the design, such as: site & environmental analysis, rain water collection, treatment & reuse, daylight harvesting, active chilled beams, healing gardens, permeable pavement and vegetated walls. The design also includes passive cooling strategies by integrating water pools amongst the buildings in such a way that the prevailing winds over the water can lower the ambient temperatures, creating a more comfortable and sustainable environment.

The new facility marks the beginning of a new era in modern, sustainable and patient friendly Hospital design in Panama.