There is no doubt—the internet provides a world of learning, entertainment, enjoyment, healthcare information, escapism, and so much more. We’re bombarded with yet more and more of the latest and hottest social media trends out there. Do we really need more? I thought not but just when you’re ready to vow that you will never create an account for one more social media platform again, here comes another.

The buzz around Pinterest has finally captured my interest. For those who are not familiar with this particular online community, it allows people to create their own virtual pin board or bulletin board and gather things like design ideas, images, recipes, or anything that intrigues from around the web all in one place. Other people can then repin the image to their boards to share with others, ‘like’ it, or leave a comment. It is interesting to note that this is a very popular network for designers.

Interior designers, construction and architecture firms, and brands in general are also starting to see it as a way to showcase their portfolios, projects in progress, as well as ideas of interest from around the world.

In an article from Entrepenuer, Susan Gunelius lists “7 Do's and Don'ts for Marketing With Pinterest”. She gives some great tidbits on how to have a presence Pinterest and make the most of the tool as a brand.

However, one area of concern that we have always been sensitive to here at HEALTHCARE DESIGN is that of copyright violation in relation to images or intellectual property. A word of advice is to be sure to really read the fine print on Pinterest. As you post your own content, be aware that it will be used by others. 

Give it a try. Browse around, type in those 'healthcare design", healthcare architecture", search terms or start your own for personal use and see what you come up with. Does it capture your interest? For those of you who already use Pinterest, how do you like it?