We’ve been undergoing some changes at Healthcare Design over the past year, and our January/February issue really brings that point home in more ways than one. For starters, we’ve done some renovations on our print and digital product—the magazine features a new look, an update on the design that’s served it for the past 11 years (since its inception, in fact).

But these aren’t just cosmetic changes. We’re expanding our coverage to include more construction, engineering, and operations topics, as they relate to design. We’ve added new columns to this effect (our first Operations column appears on page 72; this column will alternate with Construction from issue to issue), and our project articles will broaden their reach whenever possible to include these perspectives. The goal is to provide a more complete picture of the creation of the built environment—a necessity as teamwork and integration grow in importance to achieve efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable healthcare facilities.

In every issue, you’ll now find our new Monitor section (page 10), which offers up a compendium of news, quotes, statistics, event coverage, and more, as well as a back-page column called Transformations that features before and after shots of impressively renovated healthcare spaces.

All of this can be found between the covers of this double issue, anchored by another exciting new feature: The introduction of The HCD 10, an annual spotlight on 10 of the industry’s most impressive professionals, with a special focus on the work they did within the past 12 months. It’s a twist on our former Most Influential lists.

Finally, I’m very happy to be adding some new voices to our Healthcare Design family. This month, Anne DiNardo, a veteran design and architecture journalist, joins the team as senior editor. And we’ve added Sara Marberry, a longtime fixture in the healthcare design space and expert on evidence-based design, to our contributing editor roster, joining Janet Brown and Barbara Horwitz-Bennett.  

Take a little time to page through the digital or print version; we hope you like what you see and read. As always, send me your feedback, industry concerns, and story ideas—we’re always listening, and we’re always evolving to continue to provide you with the best coverage of the healthcare design industry.