I'm still surprised when I see articles that talk about well-designed, impressively built healthcare facilities as if they're like rare-bird sightings. I shouldn't be–in the grand scheme, there are still a lot of grim-feeling buildings desperately in need of updating and upgrading to serve patients, staff, and the community better. It's a good reminder that everything we talk about at Healthcare Design is really starting to sink in and take hold across the landscape, but it's a slow process.

So it was fun to page through "30 Most Architecturally Impressive Hospitals in the World," written by Yohani Kamarudin for Online Masters in Public Health. There are lots of familiar buildings in the list (including Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, and Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children in Birmingham, Ala.), and some I hadn't seen before.

But there were also a lot of facilities we've covered in the past couple of years that I didn't see–facilities that really stand out to me in terms of architecture. Such as:

These are just a few of my favorites, and I'm sure there are many I'm missing. Take a look at Kamarudin's list, and mine, and let me know which ones you'd add.