At the Healthcare Design Conference this week (now in the rearview mirror; may I sleep now?), we unveiled a new logo for Healthcare Design. Really, it was a long time coming–our previous logo had served us well for 10 years. And in those 10 years, the changes that have taken place in this industry are staggering.

For the new logo (designed by Iridium Group), we wanted something approachable yet strong, welcoming and clean. In one way, the logo is the last piece of a puzzle we started with the redesign of the magazine's interior pages in January 2013. But more importantly, it's the first, most visible piece of a larger effort to better express the entire Healthcare Design brand family. A primary goal of the redesign was to do a better job of communicating all the ways Healthcare Design brings information and community-building opportunities to our audience. You can find out more about those opportunities here (updates still in progress!).

Keep an eye out for announcements about new events and competitions in 2014, and a redesigned website, as well. I hope you like the new look.