Tama Duffy Day is an interior designer synonymous with the field of healthcare design. A winner of multiple awards who is deeply involved in academia and professional association leadership, she is the only designer to have received three Health Environment Awards from The Center for Health Design. Now a Principal at Perkins+Will, she has created educational programs for New York University and the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, D.C. She offers a current perspective on healthcare interior design in an interview with HEALTHCARE DESIGN Editor-in-Chief Richard L. Peck.


Today's bariatric trends

Bariatric patients are no longer a segregated part of the patient population. In the United States, about a third of all patients weigh 350 pounds or more. Product designer and developer Helen Kerr discusses special considerations for bariatric furniture in healthcare.


Welcome to the Academy of Architecture for Health

Past-President Scott H. Miller, AIA, FACHA, reviews the Academy of Architecture for Health's history and the offerings and opportunities that have evolved from it, in an interview with HEALTHCARE DESIGN Editor-in-Chief Richard L. Peck.


Readers say… the HEALTHCARE DESIGN Web site is featuring a new poll every Monday. Here are the results from a recent poll:

What will be the predominant healthcare project modality in the next two years?

Reader comments:

“I believe the integrated team approach will become the norm.”

“I'm an advocate of design/build. I was part of a very successful design/build team that proves preplanning is the future in healthcare construction.”

“The design/build approach is a novel way to deliver a project, but the ability to navigate all requirements for success often is pushed on the D/B team by the owner, leaving little interaction and many gaps in quality.”

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