Every week I come across a news article on nanotechnology advancements in either healthcare or building. For example, this company called Industrial Nanotech, Inc., is manufacturing a paint-on insulation. And what else are they callingit but “Nansulate.” The insulation has an extremely low thermal conductivity and suspends microscopic particles with nanoscale internal architecture in an acrylic resin, which is in turn suspended in water, making a product that appears similar to thick, acrylic-based paint. (Read more here.)

I’m just waiting for that golden story about some nanaotechnology that directly impacts healthcare design and construction. When I do, you’ll be the first to know!

Nanotechnology, the science of controlling matter on an atomic and molecular scale, is making its way into both medicine and architecture. How do you view this emerging technology in regards to healthcare design?


-I believe that nanotechnology has the potential to change every aspect of our existence.
-It could also prove to be harmful as there is still no evidence how safe nanotechnology is and whether or not the nano particles can leach into our environment.