Antimicrobial metal coatings

The key to minimizing odor, stains, and other chronic HVAC system complaints is to provide an active layer of protection to surfaces where mold, mildew, fungi, and other microbes can flourish. Sureshield Coatings Company’s industry-leading portfolio of more than 150 affordable and easy-to-use antimicrobial, antifingerprint, and easy-to-clean coatings for metal allow HVAC manufacturers to integrate the right powder, liquid, or coil-coating formulas to enhance metal-surfaced products with valued features and benefits.

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Telescoping smoke-rated ICU/CCU doors

The first telescoping ICU/CCU door system offered in a UL-certified smoke-rated design, the new door series from Horton Automatics introduces a wider range of architectural options and enhances patient-room accessibility. With its telescoping function and full break-out capability, this door package can provide up to 80″ of clear opening width. The system is available in custom sizes from 7′ to 12′ rough openings and is trackless to simplify installation and maintain a smooth floor surface.

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Upgraded three-phase UPS

Staco Energy Products Co. announces the addition of SNMP communications capabilities for their FirstLine® three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). These models, which are available for 10, 15, and 20 kVA applications, allow users to network this UPS with their manufacturing and management systems. With SNMP capabilities, FirstLine offers Web-browser-based visual readings, alarm notification, a 48-hour system history, and client shutdown software for the most popular operating systems.

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LED lighting and visualization system

The Harmony® LED Lighting and Visualization System from Steris provides 150,000 Lux of pure, white light while generating significantly less heat than traditional incandescent lights. Eighty-four precision fitted LEDs provide excellent shadow control and an industry-leading color rendering index of 97. This allows surgeons to better differentiate subtle differences in tissue and other structures. In addition, the lightheads are easily controlled by a handle at the surgeon’s fingertips. This LED light can reduce physical strain, eye strain, and the personal discomfort caused by heat during long procedures.

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HVAC filters

Filtrete Commercial HVAC Filters from 3M offer low airflow resistance, which may result in fan energy savings and a marked return on investment. Filtrete Commercial High Performance HVAC Filters with integral seals may help reduce air bypass, particle deposits, and cleaning costs for HVAC coils, ducts, and occupied spaces. No major capital investment is required.

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Fluorescent exam light

Cooper Lighting has introduced the I-Lume, a recessed fluorescent exam light providing high-performance illumination in a compact, energy-efficient package. Designed around precision optics and accepting T5HO lamps, the narrow 6″-wide I-Lume offers powerful, focused light for exams and procedures.

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Observation windows

Vistamatic continues to expand throughout the United States, as the observation window designer installs products at Longmont Hospital, Colorado; Peace River Regional Medical Center, Port Charlotte, Florida; and University of Chicago, Chicago. At Peace River Memorial Medical Center five VS2’s with double-sided handles were installed in the facilities Neo-intensive Care Unit; Longmont Hospital installed an Emergency Room edition; and University of Chicago selected three VS1 panels for their M3 Psychiatry Suite.

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Interconnected locks

Hager Companies’ ANSI/BHMA-certified 3700 Series Interconnected Locks feature a non-handed design for ease of installation and are available with standard or interchangeable cores. They also come with an industry exclusive lifetime warranty to offer years of extra service in both heavy-duty residential and medium-duty commercial applications.

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Concrete treatment

Creteseal CS2000 Moisture Vapor Emissions System is a proactive, cost-effective approach to eliminating floor failure due to high moisture vapor emissions and alkalinity. Concrete treated with CS2000 is compatible with all floorcovering and adhesives. Creteseal comes with a full system 15-year warranty covering labor and material.

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Daylighing technology system

Neu Elements, Inc., has introduced the Parans Daylight system. This technology utilizes fiber-optic cables to bring sunlight into interiors and restrictive spaces. UV and IR wavelength energy transmission is also eliminated. The Parans Daylight technology allows designers to easily integrate daylighting into new or existing projects.

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