Weight-activated counterbalance chair

InSync by highmark brings high design down to earth. An affordable weight-activated counterbalance chair, InSync is easy to use, automatically adjusting to support every user, promoting health and productivity.

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Solid-surface collection

DuPont™ Corian® has introduced its Healing Colors Collection for interior healthcare spaces. This selection of 72 colors brings a sense of the natural world to interior healthcare environments, helping to reduce cold, institutional feelings and spark positive outcomes for patients and staff. Developed as a user-friendly design tool, the collection has six color groups—H2O, Flame, Earth, Wood, Alloy and Oxygen—allowing architects and designers to create a variety of therapeutic environments.

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Filing systems

Smart Touch™ from KI is a line of innovative touch-front filing systems. The filing system has flush fronts made possible by a KI-exclusive slide suspension with an integral touch latch mechanism. With this new look, designers are able to create banks of files with a clean, modern aesthetic without compromising functionality and flexibility. Made of cold rolled steel, an average of 33% of the Smart Touch components are easily recyclable.

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Floor installation system

Gerflor’s patented floor installation system, Tarafit™, creates floor corners that are rounded as opposed to angular, which makes traditional methods of corner welding unnecessary and allows standard cleaning equipment to rid the floor corners of dust or disease causing agents. The rounded corner pockets are formed using a specially designed, high-impact resistant, extremely durable triangular cup.

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Functional day bed

Functional and durable, Hill-Rom’s Art-of-Care Day Bed Sleeper is suited for today’s patient rooms. The Day Bed Sleeper was designed to allow for maximum space utilization within the patient room. By day, it is a comfortable, durable and attractive seating surface, and at bedtime it easily converts into a sleeper.

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Direct/indirect luminaire collection

Cooper Lighting has introduced the Corelite Class R series of shallow recessed direct-indirect luminaires. Discarding the traditional “box” design, the Class R boasts an innovative and unobtrusive low-profile housing shape, providing the an answer to constrained plenum space. The Class R features T5 specific low-energy technology and highly efficient optical engineering to aid in “green” sustainable design. The Class R works in tandem with an array of advanced dimming and control solutions.

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Crypton® upholstery patterns

Architex in collaboration with the HDR design team has introduced an update to the Remede collection with five new Crypton® upholstery patterns. The update builds upon the line’s extensive color palette and continues to reference motifs from pattern to pattern, allowing designers to create a seamless design scheme. Patterns include Brook, Grace, Follow Me, Ripples, and Thrive.

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Modular system

A modular and reconfigurable architectural interior system for planning, designing, organizing, and building healthcare spaces, Quadro from Images of America consists of a frame-welded metal structure called the e-frame that is attached to the wall and a wide range of e-tiles, e-cabinets, and accessories that are attached to the e-frame. The e-frame comes in two standard sizes, as well as custom sizes. Two or more e-frames may be joined to create wider frames.

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Stacking chair

TMC Furniture, Inc., in cooperation with Forbo, has announced its new EnShell Stacking Chair. Combining the warmth and beauty of wood with Forbo Linoleum on the shell’s face, the EnShell makes a stylishly cool statement. Linoleum, an environmentally friendly, renewable, nontoxic material, is extremely durable and easy to clean. The EnShell is available in a full range of Forbo colors, three back shapes, and an optional handle cut-out. Available in a water-based finish, the EnShell stacks 10 high and is also offered in a bar height.

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Art glass

Meltdown Glass Art & Design has served the design community since 1993, creating site-specific kiln-cast glass for hospitality, corporate, commercial, healthcare, institutional, residential, and liturgical projects. Presenting one of our most exciting installations, Grigio Tempe, composed of 56 custom tempered kiln-cast glass panels.

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Modular carpeting collection

Inspired by the movement and rhythm of the outdoors, Lees introduces Modern Organics, a collection of modular carpeting that is the perfect prescription for healthcare interiors. The Modern Organics Collection of three tip sheared patterns (River Rush, Braided Stream, On the Surface) captures movement through texture and color, presenting a refreshing take on traditional floral and leaf designs. Products are available in a palette of 11 running line colors.

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Modular display system

APCO has introduced MyDay™, an innovative system for displaying several types of information in one attractive, modular unit. MyDay presents a clean yet functional integration of MagneticBoards, Clocks, MarkerBoards, and PinBoards in a range of standard colors, as well as numerous accessory options. With a unique lift and pull technique, this system allows for changes or replacements to be made quickly and easily for a changing environment.

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Observation windows

Vistamatic, a leading observation window designer, has expanded its product line with the inclusion of a nurse’s alcove and windows available with greater viewing capacity. After announcing larger sizes earlier this year, the company continued to broaden the product line. The nurse’s alcove was manufactured to produce a clean corner unit with exceptional all-around viewing of the area/room required. Viewing panels have been increased to 1″, which enables Vistamatic to have an unrivaled sight line.

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Sleeper collection

The Jordan collection from Krug Healthcare Solutions has been expanded again to include a one-seat and two-seat sleeper, available with casters or legs, which have been designed to provide great comfort in both the seated and sleeping positions. Its unique foldout also provides wall protection. The Jordan Sleeper easily converts from a standalone lounge chair to a bed with a few simple steps.

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Vinyl surfacing collection

With colors that calm and textures that evoke tranquility, Lonseal, Inc.’s Heiko is a vinyl surfacing collection designed specifically for healthcare interiors. Comprising three Lonseal product lines—Loneco, Lonfloor, and Lonfoam—Heiko balances soothing aesthetics and resilient hygienic properties, providing designers with solutions for creating healing spaces that offer rejuvenation for patients, staff, and visitors.

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Seating and table collection

In an effort to devise a unique renewable seating and table alternative to existing healthcare and high-traffic interior applications, Trinity Furniture offers the Facelift Collection, consisting of lounge, guest, and tandem seating, as well as benches and tables. Bariatric seating needs have been addressed, and all components can be replaced, recycled, or reused. Velcro-attached upholstery, an antimicrobial moisture barrier, and easily replaced components are some of the standard features of the award-winning collection.

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Lighting keypads

Lutron’s seeTouch QS keypads operate seamlessly with both Lutron Sivoia QS shades and the GRAFIK Eye QS lighting control system. Many models are available, and they can control the shades or the lights individually, or together for total light control in a space. Fourteen models are available with one to seven preset buttons, and are available with or without raise/lower buttons and an IR sensor. Additional features include control shades, lights, or a combination of both, a wide variety of colors and finishes, and standard and custom engraving available for ease of operation.

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Bariatric recliner

The Barinomic™ Expanding Recliner by Legacy features ergonomics for bariatric patients. It saves healthcare facilities time and money by eliminating the need for separate recliners for bariatric patients. The flexible recliner expands from 22″ to 28″ through a patent-applied-for mechanism. This standard-width healthcare recliner can also be a double-duty bariatric recliner—for the price of one.

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Carpet collection

Graphic Nature from Shaw is designed to address the key performance attributes important to the healthcare market while delivering a visual and moving look at nature through its patterning. Offering three broadloom and three tile patterns, Graphic Nature provides a clean, simple, and contemporary perspective on natural elements to create a healing and restorative environment. The collection uses EcoWorx® tile, EcoWorx Performance Broadloom™ backing and Eco Solution Q® nylon, all of which are completely recyclable in a closed loop system. Graphic Nature is Cradle to Cradle Certified, qualifying for an Innovation in Design point through the LEED Green Building Rating System.

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British-inspired textile collection

Silver State, Inc., announces Sheffield Park, the latest Crypton® collection designed by Kate Korten exclusively for SilverState fabrics, featuring designs inspired by old English documents, as well as the bramble and briar patches of the English countryside, and even the trendy scene of London. Beautiful chenille intertwined with boucle infuses depth and a luxurious feel to the collection, while crisp weaves exude freshness. There will be 12 new patterns and 74 SKUs represented in the Sheffield Park collection.

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Workcenter accessory series

WorkRite Ergonomics introduces new accessories to its Sierra™ Series of height-adjustable workcenters, available in Silver and Charcoal. The Sierra Modesty Screen provides an added sense of privacy for open office environments. Sierra Wire Way keeps voice and data wires neat and organized. Sierra Power/Data Supply provides a single voice/data opening and one power outlet for easy setup of a laptop and network cable. Sierra Polaris Model 115 Keyboard Arm accommodates varying employee preferences, including an intuitive lock and height-adjustable keyboard arm with incremental tilt capabilities and without cumbersome locks, levers, or knobs.

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High-end seating

Tru2Form seating from Patrician allows designers to configure areas of comfort with high-end seating designed to give guests a high-end welcome. The furniture is created with PAT-Shield, an antimicrobial wood finish offered exclusively on all Patrician furniture, which inhibits bacterial growth and shields the growth of mold, mildew, and more.

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