Project category: New construction (completed January 2007)

Chief administrator: Marshall Heins, Chief Facility Services Officer, (713) 448-5090

Firms: WHR Architects, (713) 665-5665; Mischer Development, (713) 802-7900

Design team: Peggy Berry, Project Lead; Bill Ganshirt, Project Manager, Principal-in-Charge; Grant Gehring, Senior Project Architect; Joe Santamaria, CA; Charles Cadenhead, Senior Medical Planner; Alejandro Iriarte, Intern/Architect (WHR Architects); Robert Harrison, Construction Manager (Mischer Healthcare)

Photography: Joe Aker Photography

Total building area (sq. ft.): 10,816

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $175

Total construction cost (excluding land): $1,892,189

The 16,000-sq.-ft. Roger Clemens Institute for Sports Medicine & Human Performance houses four doctors’ offices, eight exam rooms, two signature VIP suites, an exercise therapy area, a human performance lab, a hydrotherapy pool, a mezzanine, and men and women’s locker rooms.

The hydrotherapy tank allows athletes to rehabilitate while putting less stress on their joints. Those not engaged in training can watch from the mezzanine level, which offers cool-down areas with comfortable seating, TVs, and refreshments.

Designed with future expansion in mind, flexibility was paramount. By designing efficiently and using the space appropriately, many workout machines and stations are available in a relatively small area. The open deck and windows make the area seem larger and reduce the stress of those working out.

The design concept of the exercise therapy and human performance lab emphasized “man in motion.” To keep a contemporary “street edge” feel, many areas feature open-to-deck ceilings with visible concrete. Energetic and vibrant colors, including red and charcoal, are paired with neutral tans and beiges. Hand-machined metal laminates, flowing lines, circles, and curving arcs are prevalent in several areas of the facility. Natural light provides an extra boost of energy for participants in the main workout areas.

This world-class sports facility features paraphernalia from professional sports organizations in Houston—including the Astros, Rockets, Comets, and Aeros—as well as from Rice University. It received a very positive endorsement from famous baseball pitcher Roger Clemens.