Project category: New construction & Remodel/Renovation (completed October 2011)

Chief administrator: Renee Jacobs, Vice President of Facilities and Construction, (816) 932-2000

Firm: ACI/Boland, Inc., (913) 338-2300

Design team: Victor Mosby, Principal-in-Charge; Greg Highbarger, Principal; Sarah Anning, Interior Designer; Jerry Baker, Architect; Daryl Carter, Architect; Olga Gerter, Designer

Photography: Michael Spillers; ACI/Boland, Inc.

Total building area (sq. ft.): 320,000 (new); 60,000 (renovation)

Construction cost/sq. ft.: Not available

Total construction cost (excluding land): Not available

The old Heart Institute was located in the main hospital; however, due to growth and the need for additional services, the institute relocated into its own seven story building that ties back into the existing hospital.  One of the additional services is a new Women’s Health Center that specializes in women’s cardiac issues.

The first phase was a completely new energy center and additional employee parking structure to accommodate the existing facility and foreseeable future growth.  This phase required a lot of logistics in order to keep the existing hospital running during construction and the switching over to the new system while the old energy center was demolished.

The second phase was the opening of the Cardiac Women’s Center, as well as, other new departments within the hospital.  All of these were operational while construction was still going on.

The final phase opened in October of 2012.  It includes new surgical and interventional suites.  Also involved was relocating the existing kitchen/dining to the new tower and eliminating the existing kitchen from the main hospital.  The new a la carte kitchen will serve the entire campus.