In a video clip from the HEALTHCARE DESIGN.08 conference, keynote speaker Mickey McManus of MAYA Design says companies that invest during a downturn in innovation and human-centered design tend to find long-term benefits. “The reality is that Moore's Law has not been suspended during the economic meltdown,” McManus says. Human-centered design is only a part of the equation; the real challenge may be designing for a future in which, according to some experts, more than a trillion individual computing devices surround us by 2015.

Architecture a key element of healthcare school's success

Watch a video presentation on the new American Career College, a vocational healthcare school in Ontario, California. Designed by LPA, Inc., the student-centric, multimillion dollar campus is housed within a two-story, 64,000-square-foot building that uses inexpensive yet effective techniques such as tilt-up concrete panels. The design-forward building has proven to keep student satisfaction up and maintenance costs down.


Healthcare Design 2008 December;8(12):6