It’s that time of year.

No matter the holiday you’re celebrating during this season, we all have our traditions and some things that are just to be expected—from unbearable traffic and crowded shopping malls to carolers, tree-lightings, and family gatherings. It’s also the time of year that we all think of giving a little something back, whether it’s a tip to the people who cut your hair and deliver your mail, or a gift donation to local families in need.

The holidays meanwhile mark a time of year that our own industry gets a bit of a boost from likeminded individuals with a bit more money than some of us may have to give. Do a quick news search, and over the past weeks you’ll find a slew of headlines on donations being made to hospitals, and more importantly, to hospital construction projects. Here’s just a few that I found:

Jane and Lee Seidman donate $42 million to University Hospitals for cancer center

Beaumont receives $4 million gift from Wayne and Joan Webber Foundation

Hospital gets $1 million for emergency room expansion project

Betty & Bruce Birmingham donate $3.5 mil to New Oakville Hospital

Of course, donations like these are made year-round, but what better time to take pause and appreciate the help hospitals around the country receive from their community members and consider the ways each of us can contribute to something so meaningful.

Happy Holidays from the