HEALTHCARE DESIGN is pleased to introduce The Contractor’s View: A Supplement for the Construction and Engineering Team. As the subtitle indicates, this supplement focuses on issues of particular concern to the builders, engineers, and other “hard hats” who deal with the complexities of putting a building together. Translating the architect’s drawings into “bricks and mortar” is always a challenge, but perhaps never more so than when creating a healthcare facility—a building that operates 24/7, demands the ultimate in safety and efficiency, and requires prudent planning for the fast-changing technologies that characterize this field. And all of this must be achieved within today’s new paradigms of project teamwork. In this and subsequent editions, The Contractor’s View will elaborate upon these unique challenges in realizing the visions of modern healthcare design.

We welcome your feedback on this supplement. Please contact myself ( or Managing Editor Todd Hutlock ( to let us know what you think of our debut effort.