Project category: Project in progress (January 2010)

Chief administrator: Not yet assigned

Firm: MGE Architects, (305) 444-0413

Design team: Pedro A. Goicouria, AIA, Principal-in-Charge; Rolando Conesa, AIA, Designer; Jorge Alonso, Project Manager (MGE Architects); Rolando Sanz, AIA, Programmer/Planner (Wilmot Sanz); Don Morelli, PE, Project Manager, Engineering (TLC Engineering for Architecture); Todd Seymour, PE, Civil Engineer (David Plummer & Associates)

Illustration: MGE Architects/Wilmot Sanz

Total building area (sq. ft.): 288,086

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $347

Total construction cost (excluding land): $100,000,000

West Kendall Baptist Hospital was planned and designed to bring an extension of the Baptist Hospital brand, exemplified by quality care and facilities, into the West Kendall community. The design is meant to provide and foster patient satisfaction by incorporating comprehensive wayfinding, patient safety, and healing environments throughout.

This new 80-bed hospital, with shelled space for 42 additional beds, has built-in design strategies for future expansion of services and beds. Designed internally to promote patient safety and healing, the hospital features all major diagnostic and treatment departments on the ground floor and a three-story tower above it.

The main lobby provides visitors with an airy, double-height space highlighted by rich wood and stone paneling, with large windows and skylights. The tower consists of two L-shaped wings joined together at a circular tower core, which houses the main passenger and service elevators, as well as providing the central waiting rooms and control points for the public into the patient floors. All patient rooms are private and are designed to be acuity-adaptable, incorporating a designated family zone and private bathroom. Patient rooms are designed to give patients maximum control of their environment.

The wings are designed for the latest patient care models developed by Baptist Health and incorporate the most innovative IT systems (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth), patient tracking, equipment, and security systems.