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Upcoming webinars

SPONSORED: Patient Showers – Bathroom Design, Safety and Style

June 20, 2024  |  11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EDT

This webinar will go over the design, safety, and style of patient showers in a healthcare setting. Bestbath’s expert and regional sales manager of the Southeast, Ana Ortiz, will go over her experience with recent healthcare bathing and her insights on the market’s direction. Presented by BestBath. 

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SPONSORED: Managing Mosquitoes in Healthcare Environments
Join Orkin Entomologist, Frank Meek, for a free, educational webinar and live Q&A where you will learn about the various threats mosquitoes may pose, what attracts mosquitoes, and how to best manage mosquitoes in healthcare settings. Protect your reputation and help safeguard the health and comfort of your community with proactive mosquito management strategies. Presented by Orkin.

SPONSORED: Exploring Commercial Window Treatments: Selection, Technologies + Aesthetics
In this course, participants will delve into the diverse range of window shade options, learn about their functional attributes, and gain expertise in selecting and integrating window shades seamlessly into architectural and interior design projects to contribute to building occupant comfort. Presented by Inpro. 

SPONSORED: How to Incorporate Zero Waste Initiatives in Your Building Design
This webinar will cover how architects can affect waste reduction from building conception. Designers will learn the basics of waste management and reduction, as well as real-world strategies for the design of new and remodeled construction. It will also provide tactics for how to educate building owners by equipping them with resources to educate building tenants. Presented by Inpro. 

SPONSORED: Designing ADA-compliant Commercial Showers & Bathrooms
Google the phrase “washroom design trends” and you get results that include – functional design, ADA compliance, low-maintenance materials, privacy, transgender accommodation and warm, high-end feel. This course focuses on commercial washroom and bathroom design, including disability accommodation; bather/use privacy; the problems of mold, mildew and hygiene; and solid surface as a material alternative to help keep bathrooms and showers cleaner. Presented by Inpro. 

SPONSORED: Hospital Privacy Curtains
The cubicle or privacy curtain has been a fixture in clinics, hospitals, and skilled-nursing facilities for decades. They serve a critical function in both maintaining patient and resident privacy and comfort and in adding to a pleasing décor. This course lays out some of the major considerations surrounding the use of cubicle curtains, specifically: the Healthier Hospitals Initiative and chemicals of concern as it applies to privacy curtains; factors in employing disposable vs. washable curtains; enhancing patient comfort and healing by employing a quieter cubicle curtain track. Presented by Inpro. 

SPONSORED: Surface Selection and Its Impact on Health & Wellbeing

SPONSORED: Improving Outcomes in Healthcare Facilities with Mass Notification

SPONSORED: Lighting Design, Well-Being and the Healthcare Environment

SPONSORED: Using Mass Notification to Provide Excellent Patient Care

SPONSORED: Enhancing Safety and Communication in Healthcare with Mass Notification

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