With a focus on creating a patient-centered, healing environment, CallisonRTKL’s design of the new, eight-level inpatient pavilion cultivates clarity, flexibility and longevity, while infusing new energy into the community. The design of the medical center establishes a benchmark for world-class care and sustainable design, while offering patients and staff a destination of choice for healthcare.

The patient pavilion houses 290 private patient rooms, a new emergency department, loading dock, central plant expansion, interventional suite, conference center, café, helipad, and new hospital inpatient lobby. The campus is partitioned into four distinct, separate zones: inpatient, outpatient, service, and emergency.

A hospitality-inspired aesthetic envelops the interior design of the hospital. The design simulates a five-star hotel with textures, tones and fixtures, while carefully considering patient process and flow, caregiver patterns, and contemporary care delivery to ensure a holistic, humancentric care experience. Natural light saturates the entry, lobby and waiting spaces through expansive floor to ceiling glass window walls. Light tile flooring, whitewashed walls and tonal fixtures instantly calm patients to initiate the healing process. A connection to nature is further instilled through patient room views overlooking the Hudson River to reduce anxiety and support mental health and wellness.

The intentional infusion of blues and cool tones instills tranquility and security within patients and visitors, while subtly symbolizing the Hudson River. Nods to nature are interwoven into even minute details to increase patient and visitor satisfaction.

Project category: New construction

Chief administrator: John Sterry, vice president, planning, design and construction, Nuvance Health

Firm: CallisonRTKL, www.callisonrtkl.com

Design team: Michael Hess, principal-in-charge; Brian Martin, project manager; Bryan Williams, project designer, Revit specialist; Victoria Saunders, project architect

Total building area (sq. ft.): 752,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $770

Total construction cost (excluding land): $580 million

Completed: January 2021