Central to a master plan to transform The MetroHealth System’s main campus in Cleveland, the 800,000-square-foot Glick Center opened in November 2022 as a catalyst to bring hope and healing to the city’s diverse and economically challenged West Side. (For more on the project, read this HCD magazine feature.)

The project was submitted to the Design Showcase by HGA (Milwaukee). And while it’s primed to deliver care efficiently today, it’s ready for the future thanks to a “process-neutral” platform that answers a call to achieve limitless flexibility to adapt to change in both technology and care delivery.

To that end, the building design leverages modular and open floor plans, movable walls, prefabricated components, and demountable systems that allow rooms and spaces to be quickly reconfigured. Service platforms are universal to permit easy flexing between service lines, as needed.

Meanwhile, the master plan further establishes the $608 million project as a “hospital in a park” in response to a lack of greenspace in the surrounding community; when completed, the hospital will be surrounded by 25 acres of landscaped parks.

The design further serves the community through its arts program, providing space for music, dance, theater, and visual arts.

Jennifer Kovacs Silvis is editor-in-chief of Healthcare Design and can be reached at jennifer.silvis@emeraldx.com.