Essentia Trading Ltd, a healthcare planning and infrastructure consultancy, has formed a strategic partnership with healthcare planning, equipment and technology experts, MJ Medical, to offer their combined services on healthcare projects in the UK, Middle East and overseas.

Under the partnership, Essentia will focus on upstream healthcare planning, headed by healthcare planning director Tina Nolan. It will also be able to provide program and project management, cost management and optimization. MJ Medical, led by technical director Danny Gibson, will support from a design perspective, enhanced by its expertise in equipment and technology strategy, design, specification, cost and procurement.

Essentia’s healthcare planning team is one of the largest in the UK. Its recent projects include the Guy’s Cancer Centre, South London and Maudsley NHSFT estate strategy and Dublin’s new children’s hospital.

Established for 30 years, MJ Medical‘s experience spans more than 250 projects across 75 countries.