Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority, Robins & Morton, and James Childers Architects, Inc., recently celebrated the certification of three consecutive LEED Silver certifications—all on the campus of the Choctaw Nation Regional Medical Clinic in Durant, Okla. The campus’ primary building, a 146,093-square-foot clinic, functions as a hospital, but without the capacity for overnight accommodations. It houses departments such as outpatient surgery, dental, audiology, ophthalmology, and behavioral health.

The clinic has a geothermal heating and cooling system consisting of nearly 300 wells—some 500 feet deep. The lobby features electrochromic glass with sensors that automatically tint the windows depending upon the amount of natural light entering the building, assisting with energy consumption and expenditures.

A 16,108-square-foot health service administration building and an 11,750-square-foot facilities maintenance building, are joined to the primary clinic by sidewalks. All three buildings achieved separate Silver certifications under the LEED Campus program. The campus is set to serve 260,000 members of the Choctaw Nation and other surrounding tribes as a part of a tribal-wide program to provide medical clinics across varying geographic regions in the state of Oklahoma.