Proximity to a healthcare facility may be a bigger factor than ever in where patients choose to seek care, according to a recent survey by JLL, a real estate and investment management firm. In the poll, 83 percent of patients stated they would prefer to be near their care rather than driving farther to a new or renovated facility. Only 36 percent of survey participants said they checked reviews prior to an appointment.

The firm also looked at what patients notice most during a visit, with cleanliness, safety, accessible parking, and staffing as top factors that patients noted as contributing to a positive experience on their last visits. Those unhappy with their last experience pointed to lengthy wait times (34 percent) and inadequate staffing (28 percent) as the biggest issues, while unsafe and dirty/unsanitary conditions were low on patients’ issues with a poor experience.

“It’s clear that facilities need to focus on cleanliness and safety while also enhancing the patient experience through proper staffing to improve efficiency,” Richard Taylor, divisional president, JLL Healthcare Solutions, a division of JLL, said in a release on the report. “If a patient is frustrated with the process of gaining access to care, they are unlikely to even notice the other qualities of the facility.”

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