The 4,800-square-foot Acero Dental Office in Henderson, Nev., delivers a design that recognizes the benefits of a physical and mental connection to nature for its patients and staff.  To that end, the project integrates green space with architecture with a visual connection to nature from the interior, as well as a physical connection to nature with patients having the ability to touch, smell, taste, and hear nature.

AssemblageStudio (Las Vegas), which provided architecture and interior design services for the project, helped develop the design concept. Acero’s angular forms were inspired by the tactile presence of the volcanic black mountains of the Sloan Canyon mountain range that serves as a backdrop to the city. The simple volumetric forms were repurposed in materials to represent the rocky, angular formations of the Black Mountains tie the design to the specific place.

The integration of landscape in the design process was of central importance to this project. The project’s architecture and the landscape interact with one another to take advantage of these benefits and create an environment of wellness for patients and staff.

Sustainability is addressed through a cooperative interaction with landscape and architecture. Landscape provides a protective cooling envelope for the center. Screening direct solar exposure, cooler air is created under the tree canopy and drawn up the exterior face as the black metal heats. The heat is quickly dissipated from the metal and is not allowed to penetrate the enclosure. Openings allow protected daylighting throughout business operation.

The building houses two independent dental facilities on separate levels. The second level, occupied by the building owner, provides several exam rooms, restrooms, reception lobby, indoor and outdoor waiting lounges, an equipment room, storage rooms, employee lounge, a private outdoor gathering deck, and a private office. The interior of the ground level is rental space and will be outfitted to meet the needs of the occupant by the occupant.


Project details:

Facility name: Acero Dental Office

Location: Henderson, Nev.

Completion date: August 2019

Owner: Adam Gatan, DD

Total building area: 4,800 sq. ft.

Total construction cost: N/A

Cost/sq. ft.: N/A

Architecture firm: AssemblageStudio

Interior design: AssemblageStudio

Landscape Architect: Vangson Consulting

General contractor: Forte Specialty Contractors

Engineering: Rimrock Engineers (structural), Comfort Engineers (MPE)

Builder: Forte Specialty Contractors