A series of complex renovations to Self Regional Healthcare’s (Greenwood, S.C.) existing facilities made improvements to wayfinding, operational efficiency, and patient comfort in order to accommodate evolving healthcare needs.

The welcoming new main corridor and light-filled cafeteria/servery anchor the project. The 1950s-era structure had 10-foot, 10-inch floor-to-floor heights, which challenged the design team to use low profile lighting fixtures, exposed ductwork, fabric and wood panel ceilings, graphic wall coverings, and banquette seating to help transform the original basement area into a warm and inviting dining space.  Relocating the old electrical room and revising the structure in this central area allowed raised ceiling heights, skylights, and new windows into second floor spaces above, bringing light deep into the hospital interior.

Moveable glass and resin panel systems help subdivide and open up the spaces for flexible use of the dining and main corridor according to the needs of the day. The vibrant green and orange color palette along with the tree graphic help bring the outdoors into the interior dining space, which is now positioned in an easily accessible location along the main corridor. The new servery area is an appealing yet functional space for its customers.

The project also included a new support service building, relocation of many clinical and support spaces, demolition of four under-utilized floors of the original hospital, and improved staff circulation by creating a new bridge connector at the second floor. These changes all contribute to better patient, family and staff experiences while significantly reducing operational costs.

Renovation Cost (per square foot): $344 (Cost includes demolition of 4 ½ floors of original main hospital)