This year, 106 architecture/engineering and construction firms working in healthcare took part in Healthcare Design's Corporate Rankings Survey, providing both business results in 2013 and insight on where the healthcare design industry stands today.

Below, please find a list of all construction companies that participated in the survey, ranked by 2013 data reported, including gross healthcare billings, completed projects, RFPs received, and contracts signed. To view the rankings of architecture/engineering firms, go here.

To read a full analysis of the survey results, including signals of business to come and feedback from participants on the biggest threats and opportunities facing the industry, see "2014 HCD Corporate Rankings: Healthcare A/E/C Firms Correcting Course.”

*Denotes international firm


McCarthy Holdings Inc.—$1.2 billion

Skanska USA—$1.1 billion

Clark Construction Group—$867 million

Suffolk Construction—$682 million

Gilbane Building Co.—$441 million

The Walsh Group Ltd.—$388 million

Lend Lease—$359 million

Pepper Construction Group—$255 million

Hoar Construction LLC—$156 million

Danis Building Construction Co.—$129 million

JH Findorff & Son Inc.—$87 million

W. M. Jordan Co.—$74 million

Murray Co.—$21 million

RLS Construction Group—$15 million

The Beck Group—$12 million



Suffolk Construction—275

Danis Building Construction Co.—92

Skanska USA—91

JH Findorff & Son Inc.—87

Pepper Construction Group—58

The Walsh Group Ltd.—48

Gilbane Building Co.—40

The Beck Group—37

McCarthy Holdings Inc.—34

Hoar Construction LLC—24

Lend Lease—18

RLS Construction Group—12

W. M. Jordan Co.—11

Murray Co.—7

Clark Construction Group—3



Skanska USA—211

Danis Building Construction Co.—126

The Walsh Group Ltd.—120

Suffolk Construction—85

RLS Construction Group—80

McCarthy Holdings Inc.—77

Pepper Construction Group—58

Lend Lease—43

Clark Construction Group—25

Murray Co.—14

The Beck Group—13

W. M. Jordan Co.—12

JH Findorff & Son Inc.—10



Suffolk Construction—225

Danis Building Construction Co.—76

JH Findorff & Son Inc.—73

Skanska USA—70

The Walsh Group Ltd.—54

McCarthy Holdings Inc.–36

The Beck Group–22

Lend Lease–14

(tie) Pepper Construction Group–12
(tie) W. M. Jordan Co.–12

RLS Construction Group–10

(tie) Hoar Construction LLC–8
(tie) Murray Co.–8

Clark Construction Group–7

All figures used in the Healthcare Design Corporate Rankings Survey section were self-reported by 106 industry firms that submitted responses via Healthcare Design’s online survey form. They have not been verified by the publisher, nor does the publisher guarantee accuracy. To see where firms ranked in 2013, go here.

Jennifer Kovacs Silvis is managing editor of Healthcare Design. She can be reached at