Edward Heart Hospital was founded on the strength of an existing cardi-ology institute and the vision of an established owner/architect team. Built on an existing Naperville, Illinois, hospital campus, this 71-bed cardiac hospital consists of a 15-bed CCU and two 28-bed, private-room inpatient units. Three ORs, four cath labs, and support facilities—including MRI, two ultrafast CT scanners, nuclear medicine, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation, and physician offices—complete the facility that is being hailed as “Your Heart’s Hospital.”

At the onset of this project, the goal was to deliver cardiac care in the most positive way possible for the patient, family, and staff. This encompassed not only the physical features of the facility but also the “buy-in” of all stakeholders to implement the project goals. A “patient- and family-focused” design directive resulted in numerous environmental amenities, such as an exterior waterfall and healing garden. The interior welcomes everyone with a sunlit lobby and waiting space, as well as architectural materials that are more hospitable and less institutional.

The typical inpatient unit has several areas where family members may interact with the nursing staff to discuss the well-being of patients and their follow-up care at home. This setting removes clinical conversation from the patient room and prevents any disruption of care. This space is designed to be flexible. Currently, the hospital uses it for weekly live musical concerts to provide yet another soothing element in the environment. Family members are encouraged to stay overnight on convertible banquettes located in each patient room. Several patient rooms also include an exterior balcony.

Edward Heart Hospital can be expanded vertically to provide future bed units or additional physician office space. The exterior building materials were selected to be compatible with the existing buildings on campus, while creating a strong, new visual presence for the expanded cardiac services. The site was developed to have an interconnection with the building interior. A waterfall and koi pond provide a positive distraction for patients, families, and staff, while a formal, elliptically shaped healing garden, accessed from the main lobby and waiting space, offers solitude and inspiration.

Project category: New construction (completed September 2002)

Chief administrator: Pamela Meyer-Davis, President, (630) 355-0450

Firm: Matthei & Colin Associates, (312) 939-4002

Design team: Ronald G. Kobold, AIA, Partner, Project Partner-in-Charge; Motohiro T. Brown, AIA, Design Partner-in-Charge; Michael R. Przybylski, AIA, Senior Associate, Project Manager; Kathryn E. Chapleau, IIDA, Associate, Director of Interior Design; Lawrence A. Grube, AIA, Senior Associate, Director of Construction-Phase Services

Photography: ©2002 Wayne Cable

Total building area (GSF): 145,125 (new); 8,440 (renovation)

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $238

Total cost (excluding land): $36,500,000

The interior finishes throughout the facility were chosen to provide visual comfort and a sense of quality. Cherry wood paneling complements wall-coverings and lighting to enhance the sense of hospitality. Natural daylight floods the space wherever possible to support a positive patient and family experience and to sustain the process of healing.