In 2018, Healthcare Design introduced Breaking Through, our first conceptual design competition. The program was inspired by a long-expressed desire for deeper innovation in the field of healthcare design, a desire to see where we might go if the usual rules and restrictions were forgotten. We also put $10,000 on the line, the grand prize for the team that presented the best conceptual solution to the very real challenges of future care delivery—the winner determined by a live audience at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference.

And now, we’re back at it again. For this second installment of Breaking Through, we had 54 initial submissions that briefly identified challenges and proposed solutions. From there, 18 moved forward to the second stage of judging after receiving the green light from our jury to develop detail-rich submissions and visuals to support their initial proposals. In the end, four finalists were selected to present their concepts live in this month’s finale.

The playing field has changed, of course. Our finalists presented their concepts online during our HCD Virtual event taking place Nov. 9-12.

Here, we present the work of our semifinalists (minus our four finalists), including short descriptions of the care-delivery challenges these teams identified and the thoughtful concepts they developed to solve them.

Many thanks go out to all our participants for once again making Breaking Through a success and inspiration. Watch the December issue of Healthcare Design for coverage of the winner as well as details on all of the finalists’ concepts.