The results of Healthcare Design’s 2013 Corporate Rankings Survey* are in, showing what architecture/engineering and construction firms rose to the top in 2012, based on several categories.

Companies were ranked by number of healthcare projects completed in 2012, total 2012 healthcare billings, number of RFPs received in 2012, and the number of healthcare contracts signed in 2012.

Below are the results for the architecture/engineering community. The list of top construction firms is available here

For a deeper dive into the results and trends that emerged over the past year, don’t miss the full analysis, "2013 HCD Corporate Rankings: Industry Continues To Ride The Tide," including charts/graphs of business results, snapshot statistics, input on design elements incorporated and spaces focused on in 2012 projects, and insight on market conditions from survey respondents.

*All figures used in this article were self-reported by 94 industry firms who submitted responses via Healthcare Design’s online survey form. They have not been verified by the publisher, nor does the publisher guarantee accuracy.

2012 top architecture/engineering firms

Number of healthcare projects completed in 2012

  1. Stantec—976
  2. TLC Engineering for Architecture Inc.—525
  3. AKF Group LLC—402
  4. Anderson Mikos Architects Ltd.—385
  5. KJWW Engineering Consultants—291
  6. Exp US Services Inc.—289
  7. Henneman Engineering Inc.—276
  8. CCRD Partners—247
  9. HDR Architecture Inc.—242
  10. BWBR—241

Total 2012 healthcare billings (gross)

  1. AECOM—$314 million
  2. HBE Corp.—$266 million
  3. HDR Architecture Inc.—$258 million
  4. HKS Inc.—$152 million   
  5. Stantec —$124 million
  6. Cannon Design—$118 million
  7. Perkins+Will—$104 million
  8. NBBJ–$84 million
  9. SmithGroupJJR—$78 million
  10. HOK—$70 million

Number of healthcare RFPs received in 2012

  1. Stantec—1,653
  2. HOK—628
  3. AKF Group LLC—616
  4. TLC Engineering for Architecture Inc.—501
  5. AECOM—450
  6. Perkins+Will—432
  7. Henneman Engineering Inc.—400
  8. HKS Inc.—383
  9. NBBJ—347
  10. Cannon Design—335

Number of healthcare contracts signed in 2012

  1. HDR Architecture Inc.—779
  2. TLC Engineering for Architecture Inc.—725
  3. AKF Group LLC—670
  4. Stantec—606
  5. Exp US Services Inc.—562
  6. HMC Architects—463
  7. PageSoutherlandPage—360
  8. KJWW Engineering Consultants—350
  9. Anderson Mikos Architects Ltd.—290
  10. BSA LifeStructures—288