The 2010 midterm elections were closely contested races that left mixed feelings on both sides of the political aisle. The lead-up to the state and local elections was the usual flood of television advertising, yard signs, and political celebrity appearances. With all sorts of promises, hopes, and things better left unsaid, the candidates soothed one set of voters, alienated the next, and maybe caused another to scratch their heads in confusion.

In what was a climatic end to it all, the votes poured in but the air is still foggy as to what exactly this means for the man on the street.

A summary of the results of the elections are as follows:

U.S. Senate – 53 democrats – 1 undecided – 46 republicans

U.S. House – 187 democrats – 9 undecided – 239 republicans

Governors – 10 democrat wins – 23 republican wins

What these results mean for the limping design and construction industry is not clear either.

However, in a congratulatory letter to the new members of Congress, AIA President George H. Miller, FAIA, encouraged both parties to work collaboratively in helping the private sector create new jobs, improve the nation’s number of energy efficient buildings, and help to bring back safe and thriving communities through sustainable initiatives.