In a live Webinar October 4, Lola Fritz of PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center in Oregon gave an in-the-trenches overview of the planning and design process for a 1.2 million square-foot replacement hospital that’s system built. Critical in the design process was the use of mock-ups—both plywood ones and more substantial versions, she said. While the use of those mock-ups added cost to the project, she asserts adding that step to the design process probably saved dollars in the long run by discovering problems that would have been expensive to fix after construction began. As the new facility has come into use, Fritz has also spotted things that she would do differently if she was starting the process over. In this program, participants asked many questions—most focused on pharmacy and washroom issues. Fritz filled in the participants on how decisions were made and what adjustments are continuing to be made under operational conditions. If you would like to purchase a copy of this presentation on CD, visit