Since 2006, the October issue of HEALTHCARE DESIGN has been our special International Edition, focusing on healthcare projects from around the globe. Beginning in 2008, the issue has also been home to our International Architectural Showcase, a companion to our long-running September Architectural Showcase issue highlighting non-U.S. projects.

Editorially speaking, these issues have always presented a bit of a challenge to us. Finding overseas projects of note from our offices in Cleveland can be difficult, especially considering that most all of our regular architectural contacts-to say nothing of our circulation-are based in the United States, or perhaps “exotic” Canada. Add in the fact that judging these International Showcase projects against domestic projects is futile at best and you’ve got the makings of an atlas-sized headache.

But we continue to soldier on with the October issue because there is so very much to be learned. Cultural differences often lead to very different design solutions. While only a few of them can (or should) actually be applied to American hospitals or clinics-multibed wards, for example, are a thing of the past here, but are still used in many other countries; our Citation of Merit winner, seen on page 68, doesn’t have any hot running water-the techniques used to adapt to client needs can most definitely be learned from.

Finally, on a housekeeping note, I would like to welcome aboard our new Managing Editor Jennifer Kovacs. We’re all very excited to have her join our editorial team, and you all will have the chance to meet her (and me!) in person next month at our booth at our annual HEALTHCARE DESIGN conference in Las Vegas. Hope to see you all there!


In the Showcase article (page 74) on Laguna Honda Hospital in the August 2010 issue, Associate Architect and Planner Aviva Litman Cleper Architects was inadvertently omitted from the team credits.

Healthcare Design 2010 October;10(10):6