For patients receiving treatment at the Immanuel Medical Center Cancer Center in Omaha, Neb., their surroundings were given a facelift this summer when the hospital unveiled a new Inspiration Garden.

“We hope this garden will provide patients and families with peace, perspective, and promise amidst a difficult diagnosis and treatment regime," said Ann Schumacher, Immanuel Medical Center president and chief operating officer, in a release.

In addition to live plants and trees, and seating, the outdoor setting features several sculptures by artist Matthew Placzek.

Having worked with parent company Alegent Creighton Health on a 15-foot piece called “Serenity,” for its Immanuel Celebration Park, Placzek’s works for the new garden include “Harmony,” a 14-foot chime constructed of stainless-steel pieces, and an 18-foot-long butterfly screen with a green patina and blue colored acrylic panels that reflect the sunlight.

“The metamorphosis [of the butterfly] is a symbol of the healing of the cancer patient,” Placzek says. “I chose the blue acrylic color for the inserts of some of the butterflies to represent the sky.”

Placzek says the free-flowing chime piece is designed to touch the soul and senses. “The soothing sound of the large-scale chimes creates a calming, meditative effect,” he says. “It’s a way for the visitor to release everyday tension and stress, and feel the calm of the garden.”