Integrated project delivery: It’s a term that 84% of American Institute of Architects (AIA) members are aware has a presence in the market. But how far has the actual adoption of IPD spread in the design and construction industry?

How aware are you of what it means for a team to implement IPD practices? Beyond awareness, are you actually using it in the field?

My bet is you answered yes to at least one of those questions, and with good cause. According to a recent survey, healthcare is leading the pack, as teams engaged in using IPD most often are doing so in healthcare.

The study from the AIA Center for Integrated Practice sheds some light on these questions and more in its Integrated Project Delivery Awareness Survey, reporting that 40% of respondents demonstrate an understanding of the delivery method and 13% are using IPD methodologies on their construction projects.

From my perspective, I’ve heard IPD touted by many as the next frontier in project delivery, while others view it with uncertainty. In fact, the survey supports some of that same sentiment—reporting teams that have engaged in IPD found “satisfaction beyond their expectations.”

“Respondents who completed projects through IPD reported the methodology as more likely to satisfy project goals than the overall expectations with double-digit leads in cost predictability, high performance design, and long-term efficiency of building operations,” an AIA release states.

As I stated previously, healthcare is leading the way, but more project types are gaining ground, including single-family residential, higher education, and government/civic.

In a separate effort, the AIA, AIA Minnesota, and the University of Minnesota School of Architecture have produced the second phase of case studies for construction projects that used the IPD methodology, including several healthcare projects.

The case studies can be accessed here.

In the meantime, what do you think? I heard a lot of feedback earlier this year after running a series on delivery methods here at Healthcare Building Ideas (Read Part 1 here; Read Part 2 here; Read Part 3 here). Is IPD the wave of the future or a methodology you expect to fall out of favor?