You may have noticed a new face on the home page of Healthcare Building Ideas this week. Hamilton Espinosa wrote his first post for the magazine as part of a blog team coming on board from DPR Construction.

Espinosa is DPR’s national healthcare leader, and he will be joined by other key members of the firm’s national healthcare group in delivering topical blogs on everything from delivery methods to technology trends to the future of healthcare.

And judging from the team’s first blog, I believe the results are going to give us all plenty to think about and talk about. In “What is Value?” Espinosa questions the definitions of value that are held among various project team members.

“Oftentimes in business, those delivering a product or service and those paying for it have differing and sometimes competing perspectives on how each can achieve the best value for the dollar. Perhaps nowhere can you find that more evident than in the current highly competitive construction marketplace, where owners are rightfully looking for the highest return for their capital investment,” Espinosa writes.

I encourage you all to share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section of Espinosa's blog. And, please, join me in welcoming the DPR blog team!

I’d also like to remind readers that HBI is always looking for new voices to add to our blog section, so if you or your firm are interested in joining the conversation by having a regular blog, please email me at