Nanotechnology has a scientifically hip sound to it. The study of matter at the atomic/molecular level, nanotechnology has broad reaches across many industries, from electronics to energy, agriculture, physics, healthcare, and more. By manipulating atoms and molecules, researchers are just beginning to explore the true growth potentials of nanotechnology.

For the healthcare industry, nanotechnology research means new technology, procedures and medication that can save lives. For healthcare designers, nanotechnology means new materials and fabrics that can make hospitals cleaner, safer and more cost-effective.

We have already seen nanotechnology’s positive impact with the introduction of nanotextiles, which offer highly durable, stain-resistant fabrics used in healthcare facilities. Nanotechnology essentially engineers molecules to bond with fibers to protect fabrics permanently while preserving the natural look, breathability and hand.

As cost containment continues to impact the healthcare industry, emerging technologies will offer solutions for long-term value. Here are two areas nanotextiles can bring value to the healthcare client:

Common Spaces

With a greater emphasis on patient-centered design, interior designers have a wider choice of nanotechnology engineered wools, cottons and blend for upholstered furnishings and finishes in heavily used common spaces. Nanotextiles promise value because their protective qualities are engineered into the fabric at the molecular level rather than simply applied on the surface. One advantage is that nanotechnology can improve Wyzenbeek test results.

Patient Rooms

Nanotextiles can contribute to safer and cleaner patient rooms. Antibacterial and antiallergenic molecules can be engineered into the bed linen to avoid pass-along infections. Upholstered furniture in family areas can also be engineered to fight bacteria.

We’ll look for future applications and patient benefits as nanotextiles continue to develop. Talk with your vendor to see what technology they believe brings the best value in the always-evolving textile industry. Let me know what has worked for you.