On Oct. 4, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took note of Children’s Health Day in the United States while also recognizing October as Children’s Health Month. As those of you involved in the healthcare industry have likely heard before, children may be more affected by pollution and other environmental hazards than adults because of their lower body weight and require added protection, the organization explains.

Under Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, the EPA has taken steps to improve the health of children, including taking action on greenhouse gases, strengthening clean air act standards, reforming chemical safety, reducing the impact of coal on the environment and water, and working for environmental justice.

Whether it be in the construction and design of children’s hospitals where sick children may be properly and safely treated or by using sustainable healthcare design in the building process, the healthcare design community stands not only to be recognized for the strides it’s made to date but to continue making contributions moving forward through Children’s Health Month and beyond.