Health Zone is a medically based health club operating as a for-profit division of Saint Francis Health System Related Health Service in Tulsa, Okla. In 2009, Fabiano Designs evaluated the existing facility for deficiencies in design, programming, and overall customer experience; Health Zone wanted to regain lost market share and position itself in relation to the upcoming healthcare reform legislation, with an emphasis on wellness and increasing physical activity in the community. Fabiano Designs was commissioned  to provide the full architectural , engineering, and interior design services for the project, which was completed in May 2011.

 The pre-design size of the facility was 63,000 square feet. The overall presentation appeared dated and lacked appropriate programming to adequately serve the changing needs of the membership base. Elements such as small locker rooms and showers, space-hogging whirlpools, and poor lighting throughout had started to erode the membership base.

As outlined in the recommendations report, the entire facility needed to be renovated. Every wall and space in the center–including the locker room, workout floor, front desk area, studios, courts, pools, snack bar, and onsite childcare–required attention while keeping the facility open. An additional 7,000 square feet of mezzanine and building was added to accommodate the expanding programming needs, as well as a new entry canopy. The $6 million project would grow the facility to 70,000 square feet.

A schedule was developed with the hospital and the general contractor, Cowen Construction, to allow a consistent level of service to be delivered while different parts of the facility were renovated. As part of the design strategy, the facility was redesigned to move away from a sports-oriented design language to more of a hospitality slant, accentuating leisure and wellness. Stained glass in the lobby, modulated information walls, and resort-style lighting are some of the attributes that contribute to this goal.  The locker room wet areas were gutted and rebuilt with large, modern showers and plenty of personal space. At the vanities, tile was chosen to reflect the colors and rhythms of the Oklahoma landscape. Hospitality-type lighting throughout and on the workout floor further reinforce the wellness and spa theme.