The 184,600-square-foot new Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital includes 72 new private patient rooms; a cardiac intensive care unit; cardiac surgical suites; and comprehensive cardiac, thoracic, vascular and pulmonary services—as well as state-of-the-art equipment and integrated electronic health records. A new imaging center acts as a connecting element between the existing hospital and new space.

The design evolved from years of planning that included benchmarking against the top heart hospitals in the country. The resulting flexible space accommodates future growth, meets the needs of patients in the region, and provides functional spaces to aid staff in delivering improved healthcare.

While very much a part of the campus, located adjacent to TMFH and connecting to the main hospital in several locations, the hospital presents a new, contemporary face to the community. The design incorporates masonry and squared punched windows of the similar nearby buildings, contrasting the curved-glass façade and metal canopy at the entrance. Regional Texas limestone ties the building to its environment. Once inside, visitors enter a two-story-tall lobby utilizing similar materials seen outside the space. Art forms inspired by healthy blood platelets float inside the entrance’s ceiling.

The cardiac rehabilitation center near the lobby is designed for both outpatient and inpatient needs. Windows bring natural light into the workout space. Patients, staff, and visitors can socialize at a small juice bar nearby.

In the upper floors, the design team used a modified universal bed model, which assembles aspects of both pre- and post-operative cardiac care to be delivered in one room, including all nursing and technology resources. Each private patient room can adjust to the individual needs of the patient, minimizing the relocation of patients to different spaces within the hospital.

Decentralized nursing stations are shared two per room, so caregivers are as close as possible to patients.


  • Architectural Firm: WHR Architects
  • Construction Manager / General Contractor: Austin Commercial, LP
  • Total Building Area, New: 184,600 square feet
  • Total Construction Cost, Actual: $44,861,425
  • Construction Cost Per Square Foot: $243