“Life is complicated enough; your healthcare shouldn’t be.”

Focusing on the simplicity of plane, line, materials, and subtle touches of color, while maintaining the principles of reduction essential to a modern classic interior, this physician’s office achieves maximum expressiveness with the least amount of ornamentation.

The clients expressed a strong vision of excellence for their new offices, comparable to their excellence of quality healthcare. In addition, they had a strong desire for the interiors to reflect a patient-focused, state-of-the-art facility, free of complexities. Upon arriving at the front door, the patient feels secure and in safe hands. The space conveys a signature metropolitan statement that serves as an aesthetic benchmark for all general practice healthcare environments.

As a result, the interiors are designed with a vocabulary that focuses on a new medical ideology—one of reverence and the highest standard of care. This vocabulary uses simplicity of horizontal lines and planar elements, as well as purity of materials, to provide a tailored background combined with subtle touches of crisp color, architectural lighting, and gallery artwork. The ceiling heights range from 9′ 0″ to 10′ 6″ to provide natural light and views to the outdoors. The interiors are soft, sophisticated, and clean, focusing on architectural elements and purity of materials. Every detail, from recessed magazine holders to soap dispensers and coat hooks, is taken into consideration. The space is intentionally noninstitutional and focuses on patient care and excellent service.

The solution is one of purity, serenity, and elegance, supporting the notion of “healthcare without complexities.”

Project category: New construction (completed April 2006)

Chief administrator: Ricky Chandler, Vice-President, Real Estate and Construction, Piedmont Hospital, (404) 605-3646

Firm: Stanley Beaman & Sears, Inc., (404) 524-2200

Design team: Kimberly Stanley, AIA, ASID, Principal; Tara Rae Hill, ASID, Director of Interiors; Ina Sherman, Allied ASID, Interior Designer, Furniture Specialist; Dena Womack, IIDA, Interior Designer; Lisa Lin, Design Team Member; Trey Champion, Associate, Interior Designer

Photography: ©2006 Jim Roof Creative

Total building area (sq. ft.): 5,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $200

Total construction cost (excluding land): $1,000,000