Pinehurst Surgical, one of the largest multispecialty surgical group practices in the nation, celebrated its 60th anniversary with the opening of this replacement medical office building. An expanded service offering, combined with the refined charm of the historically inspired design, is attracting more patients and providers to this regional surgical group.

From the start, the physicians wanted to avoid a clinical atmosphere when patients approach the facility. The design team drew from the traditional architecture palette of the Carolinas to create a distinctive yet familiar experience for patients.

Graceful trellises, cream-colored brick and precast limestone, and the decorative cupola create an elegant and welcoming presence. To lend a human scale to the significant size, the facility unfolds into smaller, visually interesting components. The lowest level is daylit in the rear, giving this three-story building the appearance of having only two floors from the front.

A grand, sun-filled lobby sets the tone for an elevated experience when patients enter and are greeted by a guest-relations representative. A carriage-house pendant conveys charm, as well as safe harbor, themes reinforced by fireplaces in the waiting areas. The furniture was carefully chosen and arranged to recreate the ambience of a hotel lobby; wingback chairs and time-honored fabric motifs are a delightful departure from standard waiting-room furnishings. Traditional artwork and classical music envelop patients in a soothing environment. Art and art glass in the clinical areas soften the hard edge of technology to ease anxiety.

Patients have access to comprehensive surgical specialties, along with physical therapy, a sleep lab, and a preoperative center. The surgical specialties are complemented by fully digital imaging and electronic medical records. The facility is also home to one of the only BioSkills labs in a private setting. The BioSkills Learning Center provides laboratory space to demonstrate new medical devices and teach groundbreaking surgical approaches.

To support the facility’s technologic backbone, the project team assisted Pinehurst Surgical with redesigning workflow patterns. The captured efficiencies and additional surgeons have enabled the practice to keep pace with patient demand, reduce waiting times, and complement existing services with new and expanded offerings.

Project category: New construction (completed July 2006)

Chief administrator: William Edsel, CEO, (910) 295-0201

Firm: Marshall Erdman & Associates, (608) 238-0211

Design team: Chris Nicholson, AIA, Senior Architectural Designer; Phil Pricer, Associate AIA, Architectural Designer; Neil Bright, Architectural Designer; Katie Kunz, NCIDQ Certified, Interior Designer; Eric Estock, ASLA, Landscape Architect; Gary Amato, AIA, Project Design Manager

Photography: Brian Dressler, Brian Dressler Photography

Total building area (sq. ft.): 131,135

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $163

Total construction cost (excluding land): $21,325,481

The building will adapt to the changing healthcare market, ensuring that Pinehurst Surgical maintains its patient-focused services long into the future. The design will easily sustain the group’s journey to their 100th anniversary and beyond.