You may have noticed that our most recent online poll is asking for your preferences—specifically, going forward, would you like the information you get from us to be online only, a mix of online and print, or print only? Needless to say, like every other traditional print medium in the world, we’re intensely interested in how our professional world is shaping up. Not only is Internet news and information here to stay, it is growing rapidly in both scope and audience. The question is, how does this fit with the print journalism world—or does it? Are the advantages of print—ease of access (flipping pages) and portability (no hardware) still important? Are these outweighed by the advantages of online (multi-media, interactive, vastly broadened access via links)? Or can and should they be made to work together? Since there is a limited timeframe for comments in our poll, responding to this blog is your opportunity to weigh in on the future (and HCD staff, you can sound off too!).