With Cleveland Clinic Canada’s Toronto Health and Wellness Centre occupying the entire 30th floor of a 47-story office tower, the design team sought to take advantage of this prime space and express the best that Cleveland Clinic has to offer through the project’s interior development. Technical skill, professional expertise, and the latest in high-tech equipment were to nestle within a sophisticated hospitality environment expressed through a consistent design aesthetic and gracious customer service.

Two separate, complementary missions are provided: The Cleveland Clinic—Canyon Ranch Executive Health Program offers a personalized, comprehensive medical assessment and preventive lifestyle management plan; Cleveland Clinic Canada’s Health Solution Programs provide specialty care ranging from cancer prevention to orthopedics to cardiology.

Patients from both programs benefit from a broad range of minimally invasive healthcare assessment and diagnostic services, including radiology. In addition, procedure rooms supported by prep and recovery bays are available to provide complete and convenient endoscopy services and minor procedures in an ambulatory care setting. Behavioral therapy, exercise physiology, and nutrition assessment services are offered in a setting with spectacular views of the cityscape and lakefront.

Project category: Conversion (completed October 2006)

Chief administrator: Jeff Ruby, Chief Operating Officer, (416) 507-6677

Firm: URS Corporation, (216) 622-2400

Design team: Gary Hribar, Project Principal; Sheila Stephens, Project Manager; Christopher Diehl, Design Architect; Leah Ratner, Project Architect; Erin Vollmer, Interior Designer

Photography: © Jim Maguire, Maguire Photography

Total building area (sq. ft.): 24,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $250

Total construction cost (excluding land): $6,000,0000

The aesthetic design agenda of the space is evident from the moment visitors first step out of the elevator. The lobby, which envelops two separate reception stations, is sheathed in transparent, backlit glazing—buttoned to an aluminum framework and complemented with warm maple flooring and wall paneling.

The design team created an environment for Cleveland Clinic Canada that is innovative and light-filled, and it exemplifies a restrained elegance throughout.