“The professional’s professional”. That’s a coveted title for anyone in any profession or walk of life. It is one thing to be lionized by the general public. It is quite another to be recognized as a leader by one’s peers. With that in mind, HEALTHCARE DESIGN turned to recognized architects, interior designers, and consultants in the fi eld and asked them to nominate peers whom they thought had made a signifi cant difference in advancing the design of healthcare facilities. We invited them to name the “stars” from their companies, as well as from other companies who, despite possibly working for competitors, deserved this recognition. The next several pages will introduce you to 20 of these special professionals.

Douglas W. Abrams, RA Associate Principal BSA LifeStructures Ph: 317.819.7878

Doug Abrams is transforming cancer care, one building at a time. With a personal interest in fine art, Doug approaches architecture as an art form that appeals to emotional needs of patients, family, and caregivers. His cancer center experience (seven centers in the past three years) includes working on the schematic design of The Hansen Center, Batesville, Indiana, which received a Citation of Merit from the Healthcare Design Architectural Showcase, recognition by the Modern Healthcare Design Awards, and several other awards. He was the design architect for the Benesse Oncology Center of Major Hospital, Shelbyville, Indiana, also featured in the Healthcare Design Architectural Showcase, and has received multiple awards.

Nominated by: Justin Reboulet, Maregatti Interiors

Peter Bardwell, FAIA, FACHA Founder Bardwell & Associates Ph: 614.239.1639

In the face of constant change, healthcare architect Peter Bardwell has passionately and consistently led his profession and client organizations into a more prosperous future. With 30 years of experience in healthcare planning and design, Peter advances his profession by holding national leadership positions, being a mentor, authoring papers, and lecturing internationally on advances in healthcare design. In the past five years, he has strategically guided clients worldwide on innovative projects totaling nearly one billion dollars. Most notable is his leadership with Celebration Health, recognized twice in Architectural Record for shifting the paradigm of American healthcare facilities.

Nominated by: Helen Dimoff, NBBJ

James David Bell, AIA, ACHA Partner Moser Pilon Nelson Architects, LLC Ph: 860.563.6164

Jim Bell has extensive experience and accomplishments in healthcare design. He has experience with community hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, cancer centers, skilled nursing facilities, psychiatric hospitals, medical office buildings, and wellness centers. Jim is responsive to the needs of the staff, administration, and patients. He is personally involved in all aspects of projects from start to finish. Recent projects include a new 50,000-square-foot surgery center at Bristol Hospital (Connecticut) and a new 90,000-square-foot, 125-bed adult care facility at the Connecticut State Veterans Home.

Nominated by: Name withheld by request

Kathy L. Bell, AIA, ACHA Associate The S/L/A/M Collaborative Ph: 860.657.8077

Kathy Bell specializes in healthcare planning and programming. She brings her expertise in design and production to every project she works on. She has a strong understanding of clinical processes and procedures and has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges posed by healthcare. Her recent projects include Lakeland Health Park, Center for Outpatient Services, St. Joseph, Michigan; The Miriam Hospital, Clinical Services Addition, Providence, Rhode Island; and Franklin Medical Center Emergency Department and Imaging Addition, Greenfield, Massachusetts. Kathy is a Board-Certified Healthcare Architect.

Nominated by: Name withheld by request

David Chambers Title: Director, Planning Architecture & Design Company: Sutter Health Ph: 916.286.8250

David Chambers’s ability to conceptualize healthcare delivery systems and humanely translate them into positive patient outcomes has significantly contributed to the revitalization of patient delivery practices. His reputation for innovative programming and planning, as realized in Sutter Health’s most significant projects, continues to challenge traditional thinking in both care and project delivery. To encourage positive outcomes in healthcare project delivery among his peers, Dave employs a Lean Planning and Construction approach using “lean” and collaborative “self-assembled” project teams. His strategic leadership enhances the healthcare community by unleashing the potential of its brightest, most motivated design and construction professionals.

Nominated by: M. Kent Turner, Cannon Design

Richard Dallam, AIA Partner-in-Charge, Healthcare NBBJ Ph: 206.223.5555

As lead NBBJ Healthcare Partner, Richard Dallam is redefining hospital design to improve medical outcomes—leveraging social and cultural belief systems to weave everyday life into the environmental experience. Richard’s teams have learned that healing is a highly social, collaborative process. He designs hospitals with spaces for social interaction among doctors and nurses, healthcare providers and patients, and patients and loved ones. These designs yield better patient care, medical teaming, and business results. Rich has led NBBJ to win eight Modern Healthcare awards during the past decade, and NBBJ was voted Most Admired firm by peers in Interior Design’s Healthcare Giants ranking.

Nominated by: Laura Ray, NBBJ

Andrea V. Hyde, ASID, AAHID, MDCID President Hyde Incorporated Interior Design Ph: 410.337.0294

Those who know and work with Andrea Hyde know that she is truly driven to improve the quality of healthcare design for her many hospital, ambulatory, senior living, and medi-spa clients in the United States and, recently, internationally. With her passionate goal of “transforming healthcare environments,” she and her talented Baltimore-based team at Hyde Incorporated are building a distinguished reputation in this exciting and much needed design field. She is winning design awards, speaking at healthcare conferences, and spreading the word about the effect of evidence-based, innovative healthcare design on improving patient outcomes and staff performance to every healthcare executive, clinician, legislator, architect, facility manager, and product manufacturer she meets.

Nominated by: Kerry Spence, Hyde Incorporated Interior Design

Laura Lada Facilities Project Manager WakeMed Ph: 919.350.7829

Laura Lada is a phenomenal project manager for WakeMed’s construction and design team. She uses her extraordinary eye for detail and instinct for functional design to incorporate beauty into all the projects she manages. From the redesign of a urology clinic to the remodeling of the hospital’s elevators, she maintains a high level of care. Everything she touches looks superb. She achieves this by going “above and beyond,” by testing all products she selects.

Nominated by: Jay Melamed, Prime Building Company

Ana P. Maregatti, IIDA President Maregatti Interiors Ph: 317.805.3975

Since starting her company less than five years ago, Ana Maregatti has grown an initial staff of nine into a thriving 22-person interior design firm, with Indianapolis and Chicago offices and revenue that has increased nearly 25% per year. Maregatti Interiors creates some of the country’s most innovative healing environments, including two freestanding Indiana hospitals; The Center for Health Design recognized their design excellence with a recent tour of these facilities. Ana has juried Healthcare Design‘s Architectural Showcase and Contract’s Healthcare Environment Awards. She has won numerous awards of her own and has been featured in several national publications, including a cover story for Interiors and Sources.

Nominated by: Justin Reboulet, Maregatti Interiors

Danielle M. McGuire Project Architect/Associate Nacht and Lewis Architects, Inc. Ph: 916.329.4000

Danielle has been an architect for the past 16 years. When she moved to working in healthcare four years ago, she brought with her extensive experience with renovation work and industrial/manufacturing design. Her MBA adds an acute understanding of the business realities of budgeting/scheduling to her thorough understanding of physics, and these are tied together by her talent for good design. In the past four years she has worked primarily on radiology projects for the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) and the University of California at Davis, finding solutions for technical problems when others were stumped. She is rapidly becoming an authority on evidence-based design as applied to MRI and other technically advanced projects. She published three articles in the past year on radiology project management in RT Image magazine. She has earned the respect of the Radiology Department at UCSF Medical Center and continues to be a significant player on the team there, in the process winning repeat work (13 projects thus far). In the next few years, I anticipate Danielle becoming a leader, if not the national leader, in the design of radiology spaces.

Nominated by: John Flath, Nacht and Architects, Inc.

Susan O’Hara, RN, MPH President O’Hara HealthCare Consultants Ph: 508.460.2027

Susan O’Hara bases her innovative consulting services for architects and hospital owners on more than 25 years’ experience in the nursing profession. Ms. O’Hara offers computerized simulation modeling as a design tool for new construction and renovation projects. The operational implications of space utilization and layout options can be investigated in this way before construction begins. The outcome of this is more functional design solutions based on the owner’s actual and projected utilization data. For existing spaces, simulation modeling can uncover unseen opportunities for change and improved business operations.

Nominated by: Mark Sullivan, AIA, Mark Sullivan Architects

Robert A. Pratt, AIA Chief Executive Officer Pratt Design Studio, Ltd. Ph: 773.755.2000

Robert Pratt believes that “hospitals and healthcare facilities are the most important buildings of our era. They are places of spiritual and physical rebirth. They create life-changing events.” As an architect with nearly 25 years’ experience, Bob Pratt believes in humanizing spaces for patients and their care teams, as well as in designing environments that embody wellness. He works to build strong, trusting relationships with clients and to design environments that convey serenity and comfort for the ultimate well-being of every patient, caregiver, and guest who enters the facility.

Nominated by: Amy M. Russeau, Albert Kahn Associates, Inc.

Josie Presar, ASID Interior Designer/ Project Manager Interior Design Network, Inc. Ph: 239.261.5220

Josie is a young, talented designer with a great business sense, an eye for detail, and a creative design vision. She just completed a large, very successful hospice facility that was designed with more of a vivacious, hospitality vision than is typically seen in these buildings. She is currently working on a medical facility that incorporates green design and sustainable building materials in a contemporary setting. Josie always has a solution for any design problem. She is always willing to incorporate new materials in a project, as long as it benefits the end user.

Nominated by: Edie O’Reilly, ASID, Interior Design Network, Inc.

Michael Pukszta, AIA Principal, Healthcare Planning and Programming Cannon Design Ph: 314.241.6250

Michael Pukszta’s work is informed by extraordinary insight into the innumerable social, scientific, economic, and human variables that form the healthcare environment, thus resulting in improvement of the patient experience, clinical outcomes, and staff productivity. A consummate teacher and learner, Mike is chairman of Cannon Design’s Steering Committee for the National Healthcare Practice, a leading author of the international healthcare practice policy, and founder of the award-winning Healthcare Planning Fellowship program. He is a frequent speaker at national conferences, and his writings have appeared in professional journals. Three of his projects have been honored by the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health/Modern Healthcare.

Nominated by: M. Kent Turner, Cannon Design

Todd Robinson Architect Earl Swensson Associates Ph: 615.329.9445

Todd Robinson is an extremely talented healthcare designer who strives to create healing and comfortable environments in all of his projects. I have watched his work progress over the last 20 years and believe that he is a prolific designer, having made his mark on more than 100 healthcare facilities. He is respected by his peers, and his work has been published on numerous occasions. I believe that he will be the lead designer in the future for ESa, a top-10 healthcare design firm.

Nominated by: Marc S. Rowland, AIA, ACHA, Thomas, Miller & Partners, LLC

Fernando Rodrigues Senior Medical Planner HOK Ph: 713.407.7820

Fernando has been innovative in his approach to medical planning through an interactive CAD base program that allows for real-time review by the users as the planning and programming effort develops at user meetings. The 3D view and plan organization has sold the users quickly on projects. His planning quickly transfers into SD and DD documentation, and it is easy to track changes as they develop. He is a highly talented individual.

Nominated by: Al Younkin, HOK

Marc Rowland Partner-in-Charge, Healthcare Thomas Miller & Partners Ph: 615.377.9773

Marc Rowland instinctively pursues the best alternative solutions for his clients. Whether it is function or aesthetics, he challenges concepts until they fulfill the client’s desires. Marc pushes the envelope to test the functionality of floor plans—i.e., segregating public areas from staff areas while maintaining efficiencies. Marc achieved the ACHA certification in the association’s founding year. Marc frequently hosts debates and participates in speaking engagements, and he has exhibited boundless energy in his career as a healthcare architect.

Nominated by: John Street, Thomas Miller & Partners

Joan Saba, AIA, FACHA Principal NBBJ Ph: 212.924.9000

NBBJ Principal Joan Saba is a healthcare design futurist. Her steely ability to take the pulse of current healthcare trends and her visionary approach to the future have led her to become a nationally recognized strategist, advising on some of the nation’s most pressing healthcare design issues. Known for her ability to bring large-scale, complex projects to successful completion, Joan is currently the Principal Leader for the expansion project at the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital. A dynamic educator and design speaker, she also teaches at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and lectures at healthcare think tanks throughout the United States.

Nominated by: Helen Dimoff, NBBJ

Robert F. Sharrow, AIA, ACHA Vice-President, Director of Health Care Planning Albert Kahn Associates, Inc. Ph: 313.202.7819

Find your one true professional mission and let it guide your unique career.” This quote from Robert Sharrow summarizes his personal and professional philosophies after 25 years’ experience. Rob became an architect to create better hospitals for children and their families. He has used his professional skills to develop therapeutic healing spaces that meet the needs of the medical profession, patients, and their families. According to Rob, “This profession has a lot to offer—from creative design, personal inspiration, fulfillment of personal goals, and mission, to service to others, a chance to make the world better, and the opportunity to be appreciated by others (our clients) for making a difference in their lives.”

Nominated by: Amy M. Russeau, Albert Kahn Associates, Inc.

Douglas S. Wignall Senior Vice-President; National Director, Healthcare HDR Architecture, Inc. Ph: 402.399.1004

During his 14-year tenure with HDR, Doug has functioned as: Project Architect, Project Designer, Senior Project Designer, Healthcare Principal, and Senior Vice-President. In early November 2005, he was named National Director—Healthcare Program. Doug has a superb understanding of present/future design issues surrounding healthcare. He is an influential part of expanding HDR’s presence in the United States and Canada. He has led teams that have designed/built more than 60 million square feet of quality healthcare environments for more than 500 clients. Doug is an essential part of HDR’s success, consistently earning the trust and respect of his professional colleagues.

Nominated by: Jan Bishop, Mike Doiel, and Vince Ellwood, HDR Architecture, Inc.