Located at the start of downtown Bountiful, Utah’s Main Street, this is the first phase of a multiphase expansion and remodel to bring more of Intermountain’s high-quality care services to the community and improve site flow while reducing traffic congestion in the neighborhood.

Bountiful use dark brick and ironstone color. After analyzing recurring materials and investigating new ways of scaling and coloring, the design team chose a long, emperor-sized brick with punched opening and light gray paneling to expand upon the city’s personality in both scale and materiality. The expansion sets the tone for a new Intermountain brand with an architectural language highlighted by the curved façade. The clinic’s proximity to downtown informed the organizational concept of the clinic entry with “store fronts” to highlight patient doors and “alleyways” to minimize staff doors.

Waiting areas are a thing of the past at the clinic. Patients are engaged from the start of their entry into the light-filled lobby and guided to staircases or elevators, while intuitive, color-coded “pause areas” help them move from one point on their journey to the next without relying so heavily on signs or asking for directions.

Open and visible staircases encourage healthy behavior consistent with Intermountain’s LiveWell program and land patients right where they need to be for staff to interact and take them on to their next pause area or exam room through hallways flooded with natural light, ripe with views toward the community, and lined with art.

Project category: New construction and remodel/renovation

Firm: HDR, www.hdrinc.com

Design team: HDR (architect); Reaveley Engineers (structural engineer of record); Van Boerum & Frank Associates (mechanical engineer); Spectrum Engineers (electrical engineer); Great Basin Engineering (civil engineer); ArcSitio Design (landscape architect); Big D (contractor)

Total building area (sq. ft.): 96,365

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $211

Total construction cost (excluding land): $20.3 million

Completed: March 2019