Array Advisors, a healthcare facility design, consulting and technology firm in Washington, D.C., has released a model that projects the availability of U.S. hospital beds as the coronavirus pandemic grows. According to the firm’s analysis, there will be no available beds in intensive care units (ICUs) in the U.S. by the end of April, and beds in medical-surgical units will reach full occupancy by mid-May. Capacity deadlines may be even more imminent if the virus spreads faster than projected or if hospitals do not cancel elective cases.

At the state level, the supply of staffed beds and number of confirmed cases both vary significantly, as does the prevalence of the high-risk demographic aged 65 and over, according to Array. Based on this, its model has been modified to reflect each state’s unique circumstances.

For example, the state of Washington, with the highest number of confirmed cases to date, is projected to run out of ICU beds by April 1 and medical-surgical beds by mid-April. Meanwhile, Utah, a state with a younger population and relatively fewer confirmed cases to date, is expected to have ICU beds available until the end of April and med/surg beds run out two weeks later.

Access the entire model, including a table with deadlines by state, here.