ASHRAE (Atlanta) has launched a redesigned building decarbonization webpage and released a new Building Performance Standards (BPS) Technical Resource Guide.

The ASHRAE Task Force For Building Decarbonization webpage includes technical resources, information, videos, and publications to expedite adoption of climate change mitigation policies in support of the organization’s goals to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in operation for all new buildings by 2030.

The new webpage also includes descriptions of seven new guidebooks focused on building decarbonization, a list of related outside decarbonization resource, and key decarbonization terminology.

The first in the guidebooks series, “BPS: A Technical Resource Guide,” is for policymakers, building owners, practitioners, and other stakeholders interested in developing and implementing a BPS policy. Jointly developed by ASHRAE, the U.S. Department of Energy and its national laboratories, the guide includes BPS metrics and terminology, performance targets, major policy considerations, and analysis methods for BPS policy design