Officials at Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, Chesapeake, Va., broke ground yesterday on an $85 million master facility plan expansion project at its hospital along North Battlefield Boulevard. According to an article by 13NewsNow, the project started in July 2019 and the last portion should be completed by July 2022.

Reporter Megan Shinn writes: “The hospital renovation has three parts. One is constructing a three story ‘Critical Care Tower,’ and adding to the back of the existing building. In all, it will add 72,000 new square feet to the hospital and expand the cardiac diagnostic space, to build new hybrid operating rooms.”

The second change is expanding the obstetrics space, so new moms will have one and a half times bigger rooms, compared to the current size. “The third portion is on the other side of the hospital, where the hospital will have the new cancer treatment center,” writes Shinn. “The plan is to expand and renovate the Sidney M. Oman cancer treatment center.”