While cost is important to patients seeking care, insurance coverage and convenience rank among the biggest decision-making considerations, according to global commercial real estate and investment management JLL’s (Chicago) new “Healthcare Patient Consumer Survey.”

The recent survey explores what patients think about when seeking care and how location and convenience affect the care experience. This, along with the quality of service provided and the comfort of the facility, drive positive experiences that lead patients to return to a particular provider.

“It’s not surprising that cost is the No. 1 factor for patients, but convenience is also key when making healthcare-related decisions,” Jay Johnson, U.S. practice Leader, healthcare markets, JLL, said in a press release. “Patients want to get care quickly and get on with their day. Through providing a broad coverage network and optimizing site selection, providers can deliver convenient care for patients, which was shown to improve a patient’s overall experience and the likelihood that they will return to a provider.”

A strong location strategy can both improve reach and improve positive outcomes, Alison Flynn Gaffney, president, healthcare division, JLL, said in a press release. For example, making locations convenient by placing them close to other errands, in retail locations, or in small offices in neighborhoods can improve patient experience.

The survey also found that older generations seek preventative care more often than younger generations, who seek care on a more reactive basis and wait for an urgent or emergency need. Additionally, the survey reports that telehealth adoption remains in steady usage, meaning that providers need to accommodate telehealth in their space planning.

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