Westchester Medical Center, located in Valhalla, N.Y., recently unveiled a new main concourse, which serves as a functional crossroads that will eventually connect Westchester Medical Center and the future 280,000-square-foot Ambulatory Care Pavilion currently under construction on WMCHealth’s Valhalla campus. The eight-story Ambulatory Care Pavilion is slated for completion in 2018.

At 13,200 square feet, the main concourse more than doubles the size of Westchester Medical Center’s former main lobby. It includes stainless-steel accents, tri-colored terrazzo floors, curated art (including five donated screenprints from Andy Warhol’s Endangered Species series), energy-efficient lighting, and coordinated colors and textures. Warming lamps and an outdoor waterfall wall greet visitors as they drive up to the valet station.

With the new main concourse came the addition of a new gift shop, a fully renovated Au Bon Pain Bakery and Cafe, and an 1,800-square-foot Caregiver Center, which provides a private retreat for family members to access advocacy services, and emotional and spiritual support through Westchester Medical Center’s Caregiver Program. The center’s amenities include computers, showers, wireless and mobile device charging stations, and information on local resources. Refreshments and other amenities like yoga and reiki therapy are also offered.

The main concourse also features Sabbath entry doors next to the main vestibule, as well as Sabbath bathroom fixtures for observant members of the community.